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Facebook Engagement Paid Advertising

With approximately 1,000,000,000 unique monthly visitors, Facebook continues to dominate the social media sphere. After dominating as a social media platform, Facebook has started to have an impressive impact on business with paid advertising. This, after significantly reducing the reach on organic posts. Facebook marketing presents our brand partners with significant engagement opportunities. The demographic data Facebook provides is unmatched. Our skilled social media team knows how to analyze the data and provide brand insights and awareness that helps business grow.

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Facebook Engagement advertising promotes your Brand to your customer base. Our Social media team will skillfully build a custom audience tailored to your specific customer demographic. Not only by age and region but with many additional demographics, including job type and behaviors. Our team will skillfully analyze the data of your Facebook paid advertising to provide outstanding Brand exposure, awareness, and analysis.

What is Facebook Brand advertising?

Brand Awareness Paid Advertising on Facebook was launched to assist Brand advertisers to focus on the consumers and data that matters. Turn The Page St Louis Facebook Ads types generally fall under the heading—brand awareness or direct response (DR)—each of these provides different results. Brand awareness advertising from our Social media Team will help our partner Brands uncover the audiences most likely to retain their ads. We utilize Facebook to find as many of the right people as possible to earn their attention.

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