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Facebook Traffic

In today’s society, we are constantly glued to our phones. According to Dscout, the average person clicks, taps, or swipes their phone 2,617 times a day; the heaviest users touch their phone 5,427 times a day. The average person spends 35 minutes a day on Facebook throughout the day. This isn’t including time spent on Facebook through desktops or tablets.

With consumers using Facebook for a quarter or their daily mobile social media interactions, why wouldn’t you want your business on there?

What is Facebook Traffic?

Facebook traffic is any piece of clickable content you put on Facebook to generate conversions to your website. This could be Facebook Ads, posts, or links on your business’s profile page. Traffic can also be considered in other ways through ads, such as sign ups, phone calls, leads, or anything else that brings consumers to learn more about your business.

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Turn the Page St Louis has a team of digital content and social media experts who are ready to increase your business’s traffic. They what kind of content gets clicks and how to target your demographics so you spend the least amount of money for the highest level of results.

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