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Social media, it’s evenetable that if you are a business, you need to be on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, depending on your customers, products or services- you need to be posting! Trying to manage and monitor social media on your own can be difficult and often leave you without the results you’re striving for. However, you’re not alone. Most small business owners experience the same problem with social media monitoring marketing every day. At Turn the Page St. Louis, we have social media experts so you don’t have to be. We have the time, knowledge and experience to create a custom social media campaign so you can focus on your products and services. To an extent, anyone can create a social media profile and post, but without the understanding of how social media works, you might be wasting your time.

Just as you wouldn’t expect a brain surgeon to tune the engine in your car, a business owner can’t be expected to create a social media marketing plan. Turn The Page St. Louis is your local social media expert, and we can help you achieve measurable results through strategic social media monitoring.

Understanding Social Media

Luckily for you, our experts can help you understand the ins and outs of social media. Social media is a huge component of online marketing and business success, so grasping the concept and “rules” of being social will not only help you reach your current customers, but also bring new ones in. Turn the Page St. Louis has social media experts ready to create a social media campaign based on your overall business goals, customer demographics and specific products and services. Through social media monitoring, we help you achieve measurable results and know what’s working and what to improve on.

Get Social!

If you’re not on social media, chances are you’ve been passed up for a company that is. And if you’re not on social media, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re aware of it or not, every business including yours, already has a social online presence. Social media is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach customers.

During SuperBowl 2013, the Superdome went dark for over a half-hour during the game. Oreo had already aired it’s multi-million dollar commercial ad, but it’s their single tweet “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” that created the most infamous Twitter post and social media campaign that showed the power of social media and outperformed their original commercial ad. Taking minutes to design and implement, a single, 7 word post was talked about nationwide.

Your Customers are Social, Why Aren’t’ You?

fingers and thought bubbles.

Think of social media as a tool to help grow your business. You know it’s out there for you to use, you know your customers are actively engaged on social media. Did you also know that 90% of companies today use social media to grow their customer base? Are you part of that 90%? Social media marketing is much more that just a simple tweet or posting of a photo. The key to successful social media is efficiency and cost effectiveness. There are many questions involving social media marketing. Should your social media marketing involve Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Maybe you need to be involved in all of them or maybe only 3 of them are a perfect fit for your business. How often should I be posting and what should I post about?

These critical business decisions require a social media expert. TTP St Louis makes it easy for you and provides comprehensive social media options designed to complement your unique business brand and marketing strategy. Listed below are some options we can assist you with.

  • Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Customized Social Media Reporting
  • Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Engagement

You could always hire an employee to manage your social media. Maybe someone’s daughter or wife? Are they knowledgeable and experienced? Do they know the ins, outs, and “secrets” to social media management? Training can be time consuming and inefficient. That’s where the Turn the Page St. Louis social media experts come in. We have all the tools, resources and expertise to have a social media campaign up and running in no time.
You will benefit from having your online presence clearly defined and promoted. Your brand will be prominent across the major social platforms with engaged users. This social media monitoring is done using targeted and strategic campaigns. At TTP St. Louis, we can help your business succeed with:


Give your business the personal touch that your customers demand. We generate and moderate conversations, manage customer relationships, and build data-rich social profiles.

Reputation Management

Monitoring your reputation online is critical. Your brand is defined by social interactions online. Understanding what your customers are saying will assist in the growth of your brand.

ROI Measurement

Analyze and report metrics for all social media platforms providing easy understanding of ROI and Engagement.

Stay Current

You know you need social media for your business to thrive. Allow Turn the Page St. Louis to create a social media campaign tailored for success. Our social media experts will develop prominence, increase engagements, and brand awareness. All while staying up to date with the latest technology and social media network features.

Get Started Today

Call us at (314) 896-1989 today to steak to a social media expert and find out how affordable and effective social media optimization can be.

If you want to move your website out of the basement and put it on the information highway; this is the company. They are a brilliant resource and an indispensable tool when it comes maximizing your organizations marketing potential. Turn The Page put their clients first and you will not have to worry about them selling you up the river with your competition. Your success is personal to them. Their knowledge is current and they make it applicable so that you can drive your own program. Rob, our trainer, demonstrated exemplary credibility and I recommend him whole-heartedly.

Machelle Riffe – Lee’s Summit, MO

Everyone at Turn The Page Online Marketing is a professional of the highest standards. They enthusiastically share knowledge of social media in a way that makes optimizing opportunities on the web accessible and fun. They have been an invaluable strategic partner and I would highly recommend them to any professional or business owners who want to increase their visibility and profitability on the Internet.

Rena Striegel – Overland Park, KS

Turn The Page worked with me on 2 different occasions and helped me optimize my company online - from my website presence to blog to Facebook to Linked In to Twitter. They are smart, smart people. My company went from virtually nonexistent when conducting a web search to being #1. In today's world of Social Networking, they are a must-have!

Kim Berwald-Viar – St. Louis, MO

Thank you so much for your Online Marketing tutorial session today. You were most helpful and uplifting. I appreciate you and your skill set and what Turn The Page has to offer business owners. Please feel free to post this again etc. or let me know how I can promote Turn The Page because I think that it is pretty great.

Michael Blubaugh – Overland Park, KS

Turn The Page has taught me so much about online marketing, that I now know how to make my business' web presence so much better. I never knew how much I didn't know until I started working with Placher and Elisa. Now I look forward to every meeting with them because I always learn something new. Do you want to improve your web presence? Contact the great people at Turn The Page Online Marketing.

Mark Klinkenberg – St. Louis, MO

Thank you guys for helping our company with getting our website to the top of Google! I know that this is just the beginning of our journey to the top of mount Google, Yahoo, and Bing but your team is already increasing our revenue!

Tim Dodd – Overland Park, KS

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You are so rockin' awesome! I know more about web design after spending 35 minutes with you than I ever did before!! Thanks so much for coming out and spending time with me. I can't wait to dig into all the lessons!

Kim – Lee’s Summit, MO

If online marketing seems like the Wild West to your business then it is Turn The Page Online marketing you want riding to the rescue. They expertly and confidently guide your business through a bewildering array of online marketing opportunities and show you how to leverage these tools with one goal in mind - to grow your business. From search engine optimization, social media, website development and network marketing - Turn The Page Online Marketing has your solution.

Tim Miller – Overland Park, KS

The team at Turn The Page Online Marketing have done a tremendous job for me. They are experts in their field and deliver exceptional results. The whole team manage my online marketing and social media presence. They are always available to jump in and resolve any issue that may arise with our online marketing. I highly recommend Turn The Page Online Marketing.

Tim Rebori – Overland Park, KS

Since I have employed Turn The Page Online Marketing to optimize my online marketing, business has taken off. I have had to hire additional staff and I am moving my office to a larger space. Turn The Page staff are on time, return phone calls and explain the online marketing nuances. If you want more business, look their way.

Daniel Miller – Lee’s Summit, MO